This platform was created to alleviate some of the pain that comes with taking that first step toward sharing your art with the world. If you are so afraid (of being vulnerable, of being bold, of being called out) that you don't even start, you are in danger of never geting to do the work that will help you find your voice, or share your gift with the world.  The idea here—and what we hope will happen—is that the initial action, this first step, although unorthodox, will still give fledgling artists the momentum to move forward and take the next step with their art, whatever that may be. Think of it as a kind of springboard from which to launch without fear. Think of it as a gathering place, a community where tentative creatives discover that they are not alone, a way for them to connect with other members of this vast underground tribe. 


Can I BUY or SELL ART here ?

YES! But not quite yet. Initially conceived as an e-commerce gallery, HATCHING UNKNOWNS will first find its feet as a place to showcase and discover new art from fresh and unknown voices. Read on for more details.



A crowdfunding campaign for Hatching Unknowns is in the works. Click here to be notified of the launch. I created this initial bare-bones site for H.U. by investing my own time, money and limited skill set. I predict that all three of those resources might start to run low, as demand for new features, functions and bandwidth increases. If you want to get involved in the growth of this platform by contributing your time/energy/skills, please send me an email and tell me a little bit about your skill set and how you'd like to contribute or collaborate. 



Not exactly. Although we can make no guarantee that it would be impossible for some skilled hacker to figure out who you are, WE DO PLEDGE TO KEEP YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION PRIVATE and hidden from view on our site. That is not just our policy, it is the foundation of this entire enterprise. So of course we want to take every precaution and extra care to conceal your identity on our site. Read on to learn about additional measures you can take to maintain anonymity. 



I am just a regular person looking for a way to help other creatives out there to get past the roadblock of fear on the road to making their art. Don't ask me my name, and I won't ask you yours. Sounds fair, right? Even so, I have made peace with the possibility that my identity might one day be uncovered. (And as you continue on your own creative path, at some point, I imagine some of you might be ready to "come out" as an artist and start using your real name. And what better way than to have someone who likes your art so much that they will want to figure out who you are. Far better to be seen as a mystery worth solving than yet another over-promoted brand to deal with, don't you think?) For me personally, at this moment, I would like to remain anonymous on principle. But I am actually proud of what I have created here, and I will welcome the day when I am called to stand behind it. Not because it's perfect. Just the opposite. I am proud to have put it out into the world knowing full well that is is NOT perfect, far from it. Yes, it has flaws, issues; it's not terribly polished or professionally designed. And no, it was not entirely "ready." What's that saying? IF WE WAIT UNTIL WE'RE READY, WE'LL BE WAITING FOR THE REST OF OUR LIVES. In a way, I think that sentiment encapsulates the spirit of this site: WE ARE NOT READY, BUT HERE WE ARE ANYWAY. 



Yes please! I would love that. Maybe one day. But I do not have a master plan or even a business plan. I am certainly not just looking to make a quick buck. In fact, I have no idea how this site might one day help me pay the bills, but I am definitely open to exploring that down the line. [Click here to see how we plan to grow this platform in phases.] For the record, my primary motivation in putting this platform together is to give tentative creatives an alternate on-ramp to start the journey toward finding and refining their voice—a new way to art. Thus far, I have done all of this using my own resources (time, energy, money, heart).


Hmmm, why DOESN'T this LOOK quite RIGHT ? 

Here's a clue: I designed the whole site myself, and I am not trained as a designer. So I apologize if some elements might look askew on your mobile view or just in general. I hope that you can look past the rough edges and appreciate the fact that I am a novice, but one with very good intentions. [Also, I do intend to hire a professional to redesign the site in the next few months.] As LinkedIn's Reid Hoffman said, "If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you've launched too late." So good news: Looks like I launched right on time to ensure future embarrassment. So be it! For now, this is my MVP (minimum viable product). With your input and feedback, I hope to upgrade that viability to your liking. If you are having problems with links or other functional issues, please alert us so we can get to fixing! Thanks.



We decided it would be best to give the HATCHING UNKNOWNS community a little time and space to grow and take shape before adding e-commerce. We have some ideas about what's next, but really it all depends on you. As we get to know more about how and why you are using this site, we will be better able to build it out with features specifically designed to meet and exceed your expectations. To that end, we invite you to email us your suggestions, comments and questions. 


WHAT do I need to know about IMAGE INTEGRITY on H.U. ?

As a general rule, the HU gallery features small-ish, low-resolution images—in order to make it more difficult for an unauthorized party to copy or reproduce artwork from the site. The ideal size for image submission is approximately 300-900 pixels, with an average 72 dpi. By submitting images of your artwork to the Hatching Unknowns gallery, you are attesting that the work and the images are original to you, were made by you, are rightfully yours and are not the copyrighted property of a second party. Hatching Unknowns will display your work, but you will retain ownership of art and your images.  Read on to learn about additional measures you can take to protect your images


HOW can I SEARCH this SITE ? 

To search this site, scroll to the bottom of any page. The search field is in the footer.